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Typically, within 2 weeks of signing the agreement. We would need to obtain your logo, brand guidelines. If you are connecting your GDS, the credentials and your GDS contact with your payment gateway details are required. Alternatively, you may pick from our existing payment gateway integrations.

No but we will match your branding. Since this is a white label subscription-based platform, we are not able to customise to your own requirements. You will receive a First-Class online platforms in the market. This includes constant updates according to market needs and changes. You are most welcome to request for features, but this will go into a backlog and prioritised based on many factors.

The best way to get more direct bookings is to have an easy-to-use website with a booking engine. Consumers are accustomed to ordering and booking things online and a booking engine allows them to choose and confirm their stay in one step. If it’s too difficult to book on your site, then you will lose a potential customer.

We are currently an awesome team of almost 200 passionate individuals! Our head office is sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have teams in Shanghai, China, Coimbatore, India, Hanoi, Vietnam, Jakarta, Indonesia and Istanbul Turkey.

Please see our pricing page. We follow a fixed price strategy and you will not have any surprises. If you need a fully blown platform then you would pick the top plan. Which is almost like and OTA out of a box!

Yes, you can change the email templates to match your brand and style.

Yes, easyGDS offers payment gateway integration. You can opt to use our payment gateway or choose from our integrated payment gateway providers. The payment gateway providers allow you to take several different payment methods including credit cards.

All easyGDS products, including Backoffice, operate as a cloud-based system, which means that there is no installation. You access Backoffice via a web browser. A solid internet connection and an up-to-date browser are required for Backoffice to operate properly.

easyGDS works in English.

We cover 2 types of support.

  • Supporting the platform and its stability which is taken care of our tech teams. Should there be any issues, you can submit a ticket to get the issue resolved.
  • Supporting post-booking issues which are caused by any one of our suppliers. We have a 24/7 support team, who will be happy to support any such issues caused by any one of our wholesalers of aggregator etc.

GoQuo, established in 2002, is been serving Airlines, Travel Agent and OTAs with industry leading booking engine technologies.,


Email: info@easygds.com
Phone: +603 2201 5110


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